Exponentiële Omzet

logo design • brand identity

Client: Online Marketing Solutions
Sector: Business and Marketing
Location: Breda, Netherlands
Year: 2019

I designed brand identity for online courses “Exponentiële Omzet Ontbrandingstrajec” that provides effective strategies on creating online revenue streams in short terms or increasing the revenue of existing ones.

  • The 6 most important steps for creating online revenue streams.
  • A unique, powerful way to actually convey your message to your potential customer. No more blind shooting (and missing).
  • Proven formulas that perform, time after time. For you too! Whatever market you go to!

Top notch work, always exceeds expectations! I gave him the brief on our company mission and philosophy and also a cache of images, and he was able to conjure magic from the basic ingredients I gave him.

Michiel Cremers

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