brand identity • packaging design

Client: DermaTheory
Sector: Beauty Care
Location: Los Angeles, California
Year: 2019

I developed the brand identity, packaging and product design for DermaTheory. With a vision to be the leading product in this new market, DermaTheory needed to strengthen its brand presence, which could only happen with a solidified brand purpose and identity. The new identity deftly shifts the focus to incorporate the company’s commitment to skin health care. DermaTheory strives for safe, effective, and convenient skincare items that “make skin as smooth as confidence”.


The look and feel of the identity is elegantly minimal, conveying efficiency. Typography is set in the contemporary sans serif Lato, which features precise, geometric letterforms that are soft and approachable.

The color “Rose Smoke” stands for femininity, elegance, refinement, and sweetness. The packaging feels luxurious and high-end, made with matte-finish papers, a thick board for the box form. The printing is embossed with pink metallic ink. The logo looks harmoniously at the final product as well, perfectly complementing its sophisticated design.

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